Colinette Yarns Just 20 miles away and another person who has adopted Mid Wales.

    Interweave magazine Traditional designs interpreted with a funky edge. Designers are encouraged to let themselves go! Click here to read an inspiring editorial.

    Jean Moss 20 miles in the other direction, she divides her time between Mid Wales and Yorkshire.

    Knit On The Net Online magazine covering all things knitting-related. Includes an interview with Sasha.

    The Knitter magazine The Knitter is the magazine for knitters seeking a creative challenge.

    Knitters magazine Alexis Xenakis fanatically stitches together knitters throughout the world. He flatters me with out-of-date pictures!

    Knitting magazine The first UK handknitting magazine for 15 years! Packed with interesting up-to-date patterns from beginner to experienced. I regularly have my designs published here and was instrumental in getting this new and exciting magazine off the ground.

    Knitting Network Discuss your patterns with knitters from around the World.

    The Quilt Association Exhibitions, workshops and home of the Welsh Heritage Collection of antique quilts, in the Minerva Centre in Llanidloes. Regularly displays some of Sasha's work and hosts her mid-Wales workshops.

    Rowan Yarns The yarns I use most often. I fight with them about their pallette range but there is always enough to love.

    Victoria & Albert Museum The V&A. What can I say? Only the best museum for the decorative arts. 85% of Americans who have visited the UK have been to the V&A.

    Vogue Knitting A magazine for the truly stylish.

    Westminster fibres Inc. Rowan's distributors in the USA. Very helpful and fun people.

    William Morris A site dedicated to this icon of the decorative floral arts.

    The Yarn Barn The Yarn Barn supplies quality knitting wool and crochet yarns, as well as the tools to do the job.

Mid Wales

    Crafts Mid Wales This is the site of Beryl Smith who also makes lovely baskets and hand-woven scarves and rugs from local sheep fleece, wool and silk. Beryl is also my secretary.

    Kibsey Craft This is the site of Lois Grindey, who makes lovely baskets and lives in my village - and is also my accounts person.

    Llanidloes My local town and the vibrant cultural centre of Mid Wales. Watch out for the "Fancy Dress Parade" 1st Friday of July ....wicked!

    Made in Wales Find things Welsh in the USA and Wales itself! Ohio is a strange place to start touring Wales and visiting its best sites and businesses. But it works beautifully.

    Trannon Furniture Furniture maker Dave Colwell comes from my village (pop. just 180) and like me studied at the Royal College of Art and like me also has items in the permanent collections at the V&A.

        Really comfortable and made out of bent Ash.I put this in because I really like it and want one!I've got one of these. If I ever do a trade show I always bring my own table.  It is quite large, seats 5, yet packs up neatly and I just throw it in the back of the car.

    Welsh Society of Central Ohio Aims to preserve Welsh heritage and traditions and to promote literature, poetry, and music and the art of Wales for the benefit and education of the people of Central Ohio. They currently have over 400 members.

    Willows I have over 100 varieties of Willow on my land and this is what they are used for. There are some pictures first and then the link itself.