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‘Meet Sasha Kagan’

Interview with Sasha Kagan in The Knitter Magazine, December 2013
An interview from ‘The Knitter’ magazine TKN67, December 2013. Sasha reflects on her 40-year design career.

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Kits are available for most the designs illustrated in the interview, but the designs listed below are available as patterns only (price £10). Kits can be ordered from Knitting Kits or you can Sasha for kits or patterns.

pages 75 and 77 of article:
1 - Plume of Feathers
2 - Argyle Leaf
3 - Waves
4 - Peony
5 - Lotus
11 - Flower Girl
12 - Maurice

page 76 of article:
2 - Baby Rose
5 - Autumn Leaves

‘Sasha Kagan's Classic Collection’ book review

Sasha Kagan's Classic Collection book

A master colorworker, Kagan occupies a rarefied place in the knitting echelons for having blurred the boundaries between craft, art and fashion. In this collection (a companion to a traveling retrospective of her work called ‘My Life in Textiles: Four Decades of Classic Hand Knit Design’), Kagan has included essays from colleagues (including Vogue Knitting's Trisha Malcolm) and five designs from each decade of her career, reworking them in contemporary yarns. From retro Fair Isle vests (inspired by Edward, Prince of Wales) and the amusing 1980s Scotty Dog Sweater to epic intarsia pieces such as the Oriental Kimono and the Ivy Hooded Coat, each garment is as beautifully wearable today as it will be ten years hence. (Lovers of knitting tomes, rejoice: Not only is this collection an homage to Kagan's colorwork; it's also a gorgeous object in and of itself, with pretty endpapers, satin bookmark and sumptuous photography, all making a strong case for things that can be touched, worn and lovingly held).

A review from ‘VOGUEknitting International’ magazine, Winter 2011/12

‘A Designer's Life’

from ‘Yarn Market News’ magazine, A Designer's Life press cutting from Yarn Market News

A recent article from Yarn Market News, in which Sasha talks about her new exhibition ‘My Life in Textiles : 4 Decades of Hand-Knit Design ’.

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‘The Classic Collection’ - an interview with Sasha Kagan

An interview from 'Knit' magazine, 2012
An interview from ‘Knit’ magazine, 2012.

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‘The Big Interview’ with Sasha Kagan

The Big Interview from the Western Mail
An interview from the ‘Western Mail’ daily paper, 3 June 2011.

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